Wedding Bell Minister

Pastor Jayne C. Diller

Wedding Bell Minister

Pastor Jayne Diller

    Congratulations on your engagement! Did you and your fiancé decide not to have a formal wedding, but would like something more personal than a Priest or a Pastor at the church around the corner or maybe the County Clerk?

     There are more and more couples today choosing alternative ways to officiate their wedding at the location of their choice.

     I believe your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life. I can assist you in designing and creating a most memorable ceremony by incorporating your thoughts and feelings that are rich in symbolism and ritualism through God’s word… All signifying the beginning of your new life together.

     Thank you for visiting. I look forward to working with you soon! Please feel free to check out my other pages of this web site for more information.

Pastor Jayne Diller

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